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Literary Analysis of Tartuffe and Othello

            When watching TV it isn't that hard to find shows about crime or police detectives. What is more difficult to find is a show that can successfully incorporate the ides of trust and proof into their stories. Two plays in particular come into mind involving these ideas. Othello by Shakespeare and Tartuffe by Molière. Othello is a tragedy about the Venetian General Othello whose life is destroyed by the plotting of his jealous ensign Iago. Tartuffe is a comedy about a French man named Orgon and his family and how he is swindled out of all of his money and estates by the hypocrite Tartuffe but ends up getting everything back and Tartuffe goes to prison. These two plays use trust and the idea of proof throughout the entirety of each to teach the lesson that trust and proof are powerful things and can have major consequences depending on how they're used but they achieve this through using them in both different and similar strategies. .
             In both Othello and Tartuffe the main characters are both tricked by the antagonist because they are blinded by their trust for them. In Othello the tricked character is Othello himself being tricked by Iago. Othello trusted Iago because he was his third in command and he believed him to be a very good friend which is seen in the passage, "A man he is of honest and trust: To his conveyance I assign my wife." (1.3.278-279) This passage shows just how much Othello thinks of Iago as a friend and trusts him because he calls him honest and trustworthy enough to watch his wife. And again near the end of the play Othello says this to Emilia: "My friend, thy husband, honest, honest Iago."(5.2.151) Showing more of his belief in Iago. This is why it was possible for Iago to trick him. The situation in Tartuffe is similar to this.
             In Tartuffe the tricked character is Orgon who is being tricked by Tartuffe. Throughout almost all of Tartuffe, the character Tartuffe holds Orgon in the palm of his hand and Orgon doesn't even know it.

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