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Renaissance Period Science, Invention and Architecture

             How did renaissance science and invention help the architecture at the time?.
             Today, people build massive skyscrapers and buildings in cities we live. Back in the renaissance period, people built massive cathedrals and castles. But how were they able to build such elaborate buildings with limited technology? The answer lies within the renaissance period. I took a deep look into the renaissance period architecture and building methods used in that time. In the center of art, Florence, there was a man named Fillippo Brunelleschi who was an architect and an engineer at the time. He is well known for his work in the Cathedral of Florence. He did the impossible and is well praised for his work on domes. Not only did he change the way architects think, he created a tool for their intricate artwork. The idea of linear perspective created more accurate planning and was able to live up for the renaissance name. Linear perspective is a depth cue that is related to relative size and the next depth cue, texture gradient. In linear perspective parallel lines that recede into the distance appear to get closer together or converge. He played an important role in the renaissance period, but where did his inspiration come from?.
             Rome was a very dark and horrid place, with many illegal actions taking place. The once mighty empire crumbled into pieces as time passed. The streets were filled with prostitutes and slums stood where it was once a massive cathedrals. When Fillippo decided to visit the old Roman Empire, he had a purpose. To find inspiration for his next great work of art. He was determined to find a new source of creativity in his mind. Fillippo visited the pantheon, and looked at some artifacts and ruins of Rome to gain ideas and returned home to Florence after 2 years. When he returned home, the Cathedral of Florence has changed. The cathedral was slowly taking place and there was a competition that rewarded anyone who came up with the best design for the cathedral's dome.

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