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A Biography of Julius Caesar

            E Caesar declared himself "dictator for life" when he took control of Rome. When he took control some loved it and other had the opposite opinions. The soldiers and the Plebeians praised and respected Caesar. While some politicians did not. .
             The Plebeians and the soldiers of Rome respected and were grateful with his coming of power. In Document 1 a soldier explains why he respects Caesar. "I tell you there is not a greater general, or braver man anywhere. During the battle Caesar was everywhere, shouting at us on. Once he saw some men who were about to give up. He grabbed a shield and ordered them to follow him." (Doc 1). This soldier obviously respects Caesar. He respects him because he led them into battle when they needed help. They also respect him because when he came to power he increased the pay for the soldiers. The Plebeians, or lower class, respected him also. In document 2, it explains how Caesar helped the common people when he took control. "Julius Caesar has done more for the common people than any other Roman When he became dictator, he gave us a holiday that lasted 10 days He built new roads, canals, temples and theaters. This gave many jobs to the Romans who were out of work." (Doc 2). Caesar was helping the poor by giving them work which provided them with money, this helped close the gap between the classes. In Rome for a long time the rich would get richer while the poor kept getting poorer. When Caesar came to power he gave the poor jobs to help narrow the gap between the Plebeians and the Patricians. This shows that he was respected and praised by two groups of people when Caesar came to power.
             Although he was respected by soldiers and Plebeians he was not by some politicians. For example in document 3 a politician explains why Julius Caesar is a dangerous man for Rome to have as their leader. "The only thing Caesar cares about is power, power for himself soon he will want to be King! Then he will get rid of the senate, and there will be no more voting by the people.

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