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Ethnic Changes in WWII

            There were many fundamental changes that were brought forth through the wartime situations of WW II, such as innovations in technology and large shifts in social ideologies. With the U.S led by the great Franklin Delano Roosevelt and deadly new war innovations like the atom bomb and poison gas, this time period can be closely linked to the time period of WW I and all of its technological innovations. There were many similarities and differences with the experiences of changes that occurred with African Americans, Women, and Asian Americans. This can be proven through the differences of the social changes experienced by African Americans, Women, and Asian Americans. .
             African Americans went through many social changes throughout WW II, such as their involvement in the military, and their first large movement for civil rights. Many African Americans saw the need and want to fight for their country in WW II, but the inability of most to be part of the American armed forces on the front line and their service being limited to cooks and such led to a reconsideration of their social standing. One result of this was the double-v idea, which started a movement for military victory in Germany and a social equality victory on the homefront (Doc5). Other African Americans started to actively rally for civil rights, and that without the victory of social equality there could be no victory overseas (Doc 2). Though it was not the best for America, the Navy and Army both kept segregation strong despite the African American call for equality (Doc 6). Both of these instances of calling for social change can be similarly reflected onto the Women's working movement during the same time period.
             For women, there were also many great changes that happened during WW II that rejected the social norms. This can be easily seen through the changing situation of the women workforce, and the stubborn controversy of feminine social freedom.

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