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The Great Depression and the New Deal

            The New Deal and the policies that it integrated was never meant to end the Great Depression, but it was used to help the nation to recover and to make sure that it would not ever happen again. Many problems raised larger awareness by the New Deal that was often searched by administration but it was never altered. Franklin D. Roosevelt helped the countries by talking to the people to help keep them informed about how he was going to rebuild the economy. His confidence was passed to other people when he encouraged his ideas and kept the people updated on a daily basis. .
             The government and politics played an important role in the people's lives. It incorporated new programs to help rebuild the economy and strengthened the nation's morality. There were a lot of laws that were passed that Roosevelt brought into the nation during the first hundred days. The New Deal created the programs that consist of different individuals from all backgrounds, all races, and knowledge. This showed that Roosevelt was interested in every aspect in the lives of our citizens which was very important to the economy. The president did try to include different people from different backgrounds to abolish inequality. .
             The creation of jobs and not just handing out cash was one of the most valuable reliefs that the government posed. The help that the government contributed to the country was exceptional, but it had boundaries and was highly condemned by the nation's citizens. African Americans, Mexican Americans, Hispanics, small farmers, and women were among the many groups that did not benefit from many of the new reforms that were built into the New Deal. The New Deal started the economic recovery of the agricultural public under the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA). "The AAA subsidized farmers who agreed to restrict production" (Goldfield, 2014, pg. 700) of their crops. The main purpose of this offer was to help increase the prices of the crops and to restore power for the purchases for the farmers.

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