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The New Deal

             When Franklin Delano Roosevelt accepted the Democratic nomination for president, he had stated that he had a new deal for the people of America. FDR had fulfilled his dream of becoming president, and it was time to carry out his promise. It was time to put the "New Deal" into affect. FDR assured people that they would be eased of the pain of the Great Depression.
             Many people were left unemployed due to the Depression. Many of these people had no choice, but to apply for public aid. Relief agencies, however, could not meet the growing demand for aid. What was to be done? FDR asked Congress for $500 million to begin a new agency, the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA). While the FERA was giving its money away, Harry Hopkins and Roosevelt felt that giving away money broke down people's self-respect and their will to work. This program resembles programs today, such as Welfare and Unemployment.
             FDR wanted to help the farmers who were hit hard by the Depression. To accomplish this goal, he established an agency that paid farmers financial assistance, (subsidy) to reduce production of crops and animals, and was called the Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA). These cutbacks were thought to help bring farming products in line with their demand. However, by the time this agency was in effect, farmers had already planted their fields and their animals had produced many young. Today, farming is under control and what is needed is produced.
             FDR also made in effect a recovery program called the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). This program provided jobs to build dams in the Tennessee River. They did this to turn the waterpower of the river into electricity. It was also intended to enrich the land, and create fish-filled lakes that would, in turn, provide tourism to the area. This would then provide jobs. Although the program did well, it was not received well by everyone.

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