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America and the New Deal

            Americans faced many problems in the 1920s. One of those problems was the great depression. Along with the economy, the government's capitalist ideas were beginning to fail as well. Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration responded to these problems by creating jobs, helping agriculture, and setting up social security. The federal government became more involved by establishing the SEC and the FDIC.
             Some Americans saw the New Deal as a way to rebuild America's economy and government after the depression. People who supported the New Deal, supported the government as they tried to create jobs, help agriculture and set up social security. Documents C, E, and H all show evidence of Americans supporting the new deal. Document C clearly shows how the New Deal has created many new acts and systems that are beneficial to our country. The picture tells you that this idea is not a revolution but an evolution in bettering our country. The point of view of this document might be a man who is in the government and has seen all the ways these acts and new systems have benefitted the country. Document E demonstrates the benefits of the social security act, which is an act made by the New Deal. It tells people that the government will take care off them when they are no longer able to work, by giving them monthly checks to help support their selves and their families. Document H states that the New Deal has strengthened and renovated the government in many ways. Also how the courts have been revivified because of the New Deal. An additional document that could be useful in understanding how the New Deal affected the people of America would be from a women's point of view. It could show how the New Deal affected women as well. Documents C, E and H all support the New Deal and support the government as they tried to create jobs, help agriculture, and set up social security.
             Many Americans supported Franklin D.

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