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The New Deal

             Throughout the 1930's Roosevelt created a government that took part in an increasingly popular role in the economy and the well being of the country. Roosevelt challenged all three branches of government and the constitution to make a better economy for America. New Deal plans such as; the Agriculture Adjustment Administration, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Social Security Administration helped the economy recover and got many Americans lives back to normal.
             There were many farm economic problems to deal with in the 1930's; production surpluses and low prices put the agriculture business in shambles. Then the Agriculture Adjustment Administration came along, which paid farmers to make idle one fourth to one half pf their tillable land. The AAA only lasted so long and didn't have much success although it did grow a healthier farming economy. The AAA was more focused on large crop owners instead of share croppers or tenant farmers which needed it the most. However the supreme court ruled the AAA unconstitutional and did not allow farmers to lower production. This tooling around with the farming economy effects the people as a whole because normally produce prices increase and it causes less produce to be bought and more produce then to do with.
             The countries financial system was in ruins and Roosevelt sought out to fix it. Until 1933 the economy had been based on the gold standard, where all money had to be backed up by gold. The gold system was thrown out and the price of gold was variable. This led to the evaluation of the baking industry which wasn't doing so hot. The glass-Steagall banking act created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation which insured individual bank deposits up to $2500. This boosted the American Economy because the people new that their money would be safe without the worry of a second great depression. This eliminated irresponsible banking practices and gave a moral boost in public confidence in the banks.

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