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The New Deal

            Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected into office in 1932 and was well aware of the need for government action. He spoke of a New Deal for America in his inaugural address, and thus the New Deal was born. The new deal changed the government's role in American's lives forever. It was made up of numerous programs to help the nation surpass the depression. Roosevelt was committed to helping the nation out of the economic crisis and directly helping the people. He promised relief, recovery, and reform for the nation. Though in the end it did not alleviate unemployment, or bring an end to the Great Depression, it did however save the capitalistic system and introduced the idea of liberalism, which was a new security blanket for American Society.
             Unemployment was at an all time high and there was a need for economic recovery for the individuals who were unable to provide for themselves. Over the first 100 days in office, Roosevelt dramatically boosted the nations mood. Three New Deal policies known as the Alphabet Policies were defined under his first new deal. These were the: Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA), which was designed to help farmers by stabilizing prices, and limiting overproduction, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), which was a public work project that set up camps in national parks and forests and gave millions of young men employment, and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which employed thousands of people to build damns and power plants along the Tennessee River that helped to bring electricity to rural parts in seven different states. .
             Roosevelt also declared a four-day bankers holiday as soon as he got into office by closing all banks and calling Congress into a special session to take a closer look at the economic situation. The Emergency Banking Act, established federal control over banks and created a sense of temporary relief for Americans. In the first few years the new deal policies helped create a small but significant economic stabilization.

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