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Morality and Prostitution

            Prostitution usually surrounds with a lot of controversies and ethical issues because of many different reasons and the delicate issue it is to some people. In simple terms the act or practice into the engagement of sexual activities for a financial benefit is prostitution. Prostitution could be said to be the society's oldest profession ranging back to 1800s. Females usually engage in prostitution because of the nature of the job, however very seldom men also engage in prostitution. This essay plans to highlight why prostitution is favored or why prostitution is not morally wrong while the second part of the essay aims to highlight why prostitution is morally wrong. Finally the essay concludes with an ethical theory relating to prostitution learnt in the course and taking into account my personal view on prostitution.
             Firstly, one argument that justifies that prostitution is correct or is not morally wrong is that prostitution acts as a source of income and livelihood to many people not only in Fiji but in other parts of the world too. .
             Engagement into prostitution helps a woman to cater for her and her family's basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. It also helps to cater for other necessities such as health, education and other expenses such water and electricity bills. Furthermore, this act of prostitution is an easy source of employment as it does not need any basic qualification and any sort of investments like other professions require. Prostitution is considered by many as an act of selling a person's own body for a profit but in the 21st century there are many others that make a living by exerting a strong aspect of their own personality. For example, a manager sells his own managerial skills to earn a living and a porter is selling his own strength to carry others weight around. Therefore a person selling his or her sexuality can also be correct [ CITATION Ole11 l 2057 ].

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