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Standard Testing - No Child Left Behind

            As a fragment of the American Education system assimilates testing has been around since the mid-1800s. China used these tests in order to test the knowledge of citizens who were applying for leadership job positions. Ever since the United States had dropped tremendously in their mathematics from 18th place in the world to 31st and also the downturn in science and reading through the years of 2000-2009 the (NCLBA) No Child Left behind Act had to step in to authorize annual standardized tests throughout 50 states in America. (Pro - Con) The contemporary progression of these tests started with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which was enforced by the president at the time, Johnson. He wanted to make the education system more impartial so he decided to make an effort to uplift standards. The ACT and SAT which were found by the College Board a profitless group of universities at the time are still two of the most popular and important standardized test today because they are required for students to take in order to go to college and have a mandatory score in order to meet the requirements.
             Standardized test was not always graded by a computer system in fact, they were actually classified manually by hand at first, as far as 1936 when the initial auto electric test scanner was created and named the IBM 805 it was programmed to recognize dark bubble marks that were filled in by a No.2 pencil. (Dan Fetcher) Standardized testing developed into an accessible way to test a considerable amount of student's knowledge about what they have been taught throughout the school year. These tests are a prevailing way to classify the scholastic accomplishments of teachers, students and also school districts. These tests are used throughout the education field to determine the achievements of students such as medical, army and civil service, etc. With the SAT which covers mathematics and vocabulary and the ACT that wraps up science and supplementary subjects these are two college prep test that help identify the major fields where students often fail.

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