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The No Child Left Behind Act

             Bush's 2001 education reform bill, "No Child Left Behind, will develop and apply challenging academic standards in the state exams. The test results will be made public in annual report cards on how schools and states are progressing toward their objectives. The act also says that children will be tested annually in grades 3 through 8, in reading and math to measure their progress. It will also set annual progress objectives to make sure that all groups of students reach proficiency within 12 years.
             The education field has taken an act to leave no children behind in academic studies. Leaving the teachers in a situation where the students are not willing to do their part. Teachers try their best to reach their students but are the students willing to reach the teacher. Leaving us with one question; is it working? Leave "No Child Behind Act" is not working. "No Child Left Behind Act" puts the schools and teachers in pressure on the way they have to work with the students. Leaving them with a maximum amount of paperwork to grade and input into the schools grading system. Also placing the teachers in a situation where they have to help the students pass their English and writing state exam. Students must also increase in theirs test scores in order to be promoted to the next level. Rapoport states "school[s] [are] under a lot of pressure" having to deal with the required grades that the students should be reaching. He claims that the schools and the teachers go into a lot of stress having the students become proficient in their academic subjects (Rapoport, Tenth 134). Goodman states that teachers have to prepare within months to make sure their "students pass the math, writing, and reading state exams" in order for the school to show improvement. She claims that schools headboard plans out the testing dates for the students, being a monthly test throughout the whole school year.

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