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Political Concepts

             This article deals with four political concepts. Those concepts are power, influence, authority and government. The first concept is power. Power is a way to directly change a person's behavior by the use of sanctions or threats. An example of power in this article is that every child must get tested in math and reading yearly between the grades of three to eight. If students fail to make improvement after two years, technical assistant will be sent to that school. And after five years if there is no major show of improvement the school will be shut down until new management and staff are brought in.
             The second concept is influence. Influence is when they change another person's attitudes or behavior. An example of influence is that for once all 50 States have submitted plans to monitor all student performance through their school career. This is the first time that every state has agreed to the same idea. They were influenced by the concern they share for their students in their state.
             The third concept is authority. Authority is when an individual's influence is perceived as legitimate. In this case, when all 50 states agreed to the same idea is a good example of not only influence but authority as well. They did not have to agree to the student monitoring idea, but they all had a deadline for that collective agreement. Authority sounds a lot like power but its not the same. Power is when you are personally giving an individual or in this case a State a threat. Authority is influencing your decisions to do the right thing. They may not agree with the choice you made, but they will not exert power over you to make you go along with the general idea.
             The last concept is Government. Government is ubiquitous. It's everywhere. There is no place of earth that an individual can go to rid themselves of government. Whether you like it our not, government is all around us. This article is a good example of government.

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