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My Personal Story As A LGBT Citizen

            As I decided to tell my personal story, I was up and down whether it was right or wrong. Maybe this story is not a kind of attractive or special story, but I hope people would understand and sympathize after they had read this; then they would look at LGBT citizens in a different and natural way as other species in the nature. Ghose stated: "Humans aren't the only species that has same-sex pairings"(Ghose). This story is about my life as a LGBT citizen, and all of the suffering that I have experienced in order to become myself today.
             When I think back of my early childhood, my health was not good, so I was not allowed to play soccer or basketball as other boys. However, I myself also didn't feel interested in those useless and dangerous games. I liked to play at girly, flexibility games such as rope skipping or dolls with girls. Some may see this as normall, but at that time, kids didn't think like that, especially my classmates; they laughed, made fun, and spoke ill of me. They were taught to see this activity was not normal. At that time, my definition about gay, homosexual and LGBT was something vague. Ejaneward wrote: "Lots of adults worry that if we allow little boys to wear princess dresses and paint their nails with polish, they might later be more inclined to be gay" (Ejaneward). I really didn't understand why they hated me, as well as why I didn't like to play those dangerous games as other boys.
             Up until I was eighteen, I became more mature and realized that there was something different in my gender. I remember that there was a classmate who sat next to me in class. He was strong and muscular, so his soccer and basketball skills were very good. People gave him a lot of compliments, such as manly and muscular, but with me, his specific characteristic was his strong smell sweat. After every single break-time, his shirt was always wet. I don't know how to describe that smell, but all I know is when I would see him at the soccer field nasty and smelly like that, then I wouldn't want to be a boy.

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