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Saving Earth and Going Green

            There has been big talk about saving earth or going green, over the past few years. The main purpose is to preserve earth's natural raw resources because we are running out of natural resources including gas, oil, and coal. There are energy efficient products being promoted such as battery operated cars, appliances, light bulbs and even homes. The problem is many energy efficient items are so expensive, that not everyone can afford to pay for an energy efficient car or an energy efficient home, but there are still many ways to help save the planet earth. Think about what is in that trash bag before you throw it away. .
             Saving the trash could possibly mean saving the earth. If consumers could do something with the trash they discard the manufacturer would not have to use raw natural materials to make products. The average person generates four pounds of trash per day (Brown Par 2 ). If consumers could recycle some of that trash they could reduce landfills. Landfills are a place where your discarded trash goes; it is then buried. Not only are landfills not good for the environment, but they are not good for the wildlife. Another good reason for recycling is it saves energy because the big companies do not have to burn as much energy to produce something new. By using recycled materials it cuts down on the energy consumption as well as the cost for consumers. That means more money in everyone's pocket. Consumers can also save a lot money recycling because instead of buying something new they can just turn that plastic bottle into something or plastic bag into something useful.
             Everyone wants the planet to be around for years to come. So people should want to preserve our natural resourses and protect our wildlife. People who choose not to recycle should understand the benefits of recycling. For example if you recycle one aluminum can it saves enough energy to watch TV for three hours. (Rosen Par 4).

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