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The Realities of Media Violence

            The world today has changed extensively over the last fifty years. Most people agree that technology is a hefty contributor to the change. Knowing that technology has been the cause for the massive transition, there is something else about society that has changed over the years. This change is human beings, including their actions and thoughts. The people that live in the world today, are far beyond different from the people who lived fifty years ago or even before that time. Mankind has moved on from a modest life style to a more threatening life style. The number of murderers, thieves, kidnappers, and all kinds of criminal activities are at an all-time high. Trusting people is getting harder and harder each day. Killing sprees and terrorists attacks are happening more frequently. A number of citizens, officials, and Medias have blamed these actions on exposure to violence in games, television, and computers. Media violence has been the number one blamed source for the cause of aggressive behaviors by people. The publicity of violence is everywhere from television shows, video games, daily news, and the lives of actual human-beings. Media violence may be an immense contributor to some increases in aggression and vicious actions, but not to be the exact cause for these all aggressive and brutal dealings. With the large number of recent shootings and kidnappings in the United States, media violence exposure should not be entirely blamed for the actions committed by teens and adults.
             It has become common today to dismiss the idea that media violence increases the chances of people turning to violent behaviors. A number of reporters have recently suggested that media violence is defined as any source of information that portrays unlawful decisions, racial prejudiced judgments, and inhospitable proceedings. Earlier, researchers defined media violence in such a wide-range that the true meaning eventually disappeared making it hard to address this issue in the past.

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