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Escape from Alcatraz: A 47-Year Manhunt

            Alcatraz, better known as "The Rock" was the first ever high security federal penitentiary among the United States of America. Alcatraz held most of the high dangerous criminals ever in history. Laura Sullivan tells a story how a group of three men escaped The Rock successfully without ever being found. What is the most shocker is that still to this day they are still hunting them down. These three escapees, Frank Morris, John Anglin, Clarence Anglin, were sent to Alcatraz for their records of bank robberies and also escaping the prison that they was at before they got sent here. But little did the guards know that those three men did not intend to stay under any circumstance. For at least six months the three of them had planned and mapped out an escape plan to get out. They did whatever it took as far as stealing raincoats to attempt to make a boat and life vests, made real life replicas of their heads out of soap bars, and stole spoons from the cafeteria to make tunnels that they could get through. As the article states, "On June 12, 1962, they vanished, launching the largest manhunt of its time, one that has continued to this day" (Sullivan). To this day in time, they are still looking for the masterminds behind this escape. .
             This topic caught my eye for so many different reason. Reason one is that my granny told me this story all the time when I was growing up. She had so many things to say about it. She is the one who told me about Alcatraz and then reading this article I learned a whole lot more then what I knew. I just knew that it was the only escape-proof prison in America. I heard so many stories over and over about how this team of men escaped from what is supposed to be the hardest prison to escape out of. I heard many rumors about the ghost that lurk around the prison. One rumor I heard was that during the night, the spirits of the three men come to the prison lurk the prison and find people just like them and take over their bodies to help them try to escape.

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