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College Football - The Old and New

            As the security guard scanned my CatCard, I felt more excited than ever. This was my first college football game. It's nothing new, since I lived in a college town all my life and frequently went to the games. This game was special because it was the first time I was a student. Back home, I always dreamt of roaring not with high school friends or family, but with my fellow student who truly share a passion for the school like I do. I felt the anticipation build as I slapped the top of the vomitorium. We arrived thirty minutes before kickoff, so the seats were already full. Luckily, my friends and I found space on the second row next to an area reserved for football recruits. The view was not ideal, as it was hard to see over the tall and stocky football players on the field, but the excitement was beyond compare.
              I watched the clock tick down to zero. Game on! I figured the game wouldn't be terribly exciting due to the fact UTSA had only been division one for a couple years. This prediction was proved when an Arizona player intercepted the ball on the first play of the game and scored a touchdown. After that play however, it was quite close. Not close enough for me to worry if we would win, but close. My attention shifted back and forth between the game and the security guards preventing people from sitting in the recruitment area. It was entertaining watching students think the area was open for sitting, then come to find out the seats are reserved. Dozens of groups tried to sit there, only to be thrown out by the guards, literally. One girl was standing when a security guard pushed her off the bleacher. It was harsh but he had to do it because if one person stands there, everyone else follows. An argument occurred between the girl and the guard. She scolded him for being very rude, while he repeated in a calm, demanding voice, "you can't sit here, you can't sit here." I asked him what he personally thought about the rule since the recruits were standing against the front concrete wall.

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