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Computers and Security Issues

            People who are attracted to the internet are doing it for different reasons. They really like the ability to quickly and inexpensively keep up with friends and family by using e-mail, or instant messenger while others love the large amounts of information they can get on a moment's notice like watching watch movies, or listening to music or even the excitement of playing a web based games like World of Warcraft. However, it is possible that many internet users tend to share several things in common as they search and play games on the internet. They are not thinking about computer security like having a Firewall1, anti-malware protection, or even an anti-virus programs. There are several areas that you should be aware of with your security and that you should address, Targeted attacks, for instance from hackers who try to trick you to reveal certain information to gain access to your computer or personal information. Through spam/phish emails, phish websites, or wanting you to download or enter personal information. So your best bet is if you don't know the person who is emailing you, you should just Delete it to be safe, if its not a trusted site do not download anything, until you can review the site and verify it is safe.
             They used to talk about the Four Horsemen of the electronic apocalypse. Spam, an abundance of unsolicited bulk emails which plagues your mailbox. Bugs, Software errors which result in data corruptions and security weaknesses. Denials of Service are likewise known as DOS attack which seeks to build a Network resource to be unavailable to its intended users. Then the Dreaded Malicious Software which is an assortment of several different types of programs all doing their own mayhem, Malware gives partial to full control of your computer system to do whatever the malware .
             Other areas of concern are Industrial or Corporate Cyber espionage and warfare, This is when companies have a Malware program inadvertently installed and cause severe problems causing the computer systems to not work properly.

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