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Networking Security Fundamentals

            Information security is vital to all businesses but, it is especially vital to pharmacies and other sensitive fields like it. Being that a lot of personal information is needed from the consumer to fill a prescription there is a wealth of private information that could prove to be a gold mine for any attackers if it is stolen. Therefore security officers are paramount to ensure both a high physical and logical level of security. The information security officer would serve multiple functions such as, managing the information security functions in according to the guidelines set by the managing body. The physical security officer would obviously follow the same guidelines set by the managing body but, would be responsible for any security measures that doesn't fall under the purview of the information security officer. .
             The number one physical threat in my mind is simple theft of the medications stored behind the counter. While this isn't an entirely simple thing for an intruder to pull off, there is only a single door between the outside of the pharmacy and the pharmaceutical storage area. On the floor plan that was provided there is no mention of any kind of video surveillance and the security measures in place on the door itself are not mentioned. Also, just past the pharmaceuticals is the counter where the cash registers are stored once gaining access it would be quite easy for an intruder to leave with both whichever drugs he or she would want and any cash left in the drawers. Causing a significant financial loss to the pharmacy. .
             Vandalism would be another very real threat. In this case a former employee would have an advantage over any security measures in place because he or she would already be aware of them and possibly have concocted a way in which to circumvent them. .
             A disgruntled employee would not just cause the typical damages through loss of finances or property but, they can also influence the happiness of other current employees.

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