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Short Story - The Painted Door

            That was a horrible day; a giant shudder convulsed my body as the wind made contact, chilling me to the bone. My eyes scanned the surroundings looking for a shape or shadow in the blinding whiteness. The trees were all white too, like monster blobs with only a touch of green color coming through the deep snow. I wanted to back home as soon as possible because I didn't want Ann to be alone in such a terrible day. However, the time seemed to be frozen along with my feet in the blizzard of white and wind. I couldn't tell I was moving or standing completely still.
             I arrived home finally. I wanted to give Ann a big surprise, so I went into the house noiselessly. When I opened the door, I saw many clothes were disorder in the floor. Following the clothes, I couldn't believe what I had seen. I saw two people slept on my bed through the glimmering light. My feet were without any strength suddenly, so I relied on the painted door. I prayed that the person wasn't my wife in my mind so many times. However, when the women turned her profile to me, it was the face that I never ever forgot one. At that moment, my brain didn't work. I simply stared at her fixedly with that peculiar expression on my face and I tried to let myself calm down. Even if I saw the women's face, I still had a slim ray of hope that the woman wasn't Ann in my deep mind. I walked to approach them with all my strength to prove what I thought. Each step was so hard to keep going and I felt my feet were with over 1000 tons of stones. When I was over her, she saw me. Ann's face went as white as a sheet and she seemed she wanted to scream but her lips were locked, then, she stared at me. Now, I was really sure that it was Ann. .
             I felt my world was collapsed and hope had quite departed from my mind. My heart broke into seven pieces, one for each year that Ann and I had been marriage. "Why did you do that to me? One was my wife, another one was my friend.

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