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The Chesapeake and New England Colonies

            The first colonists in America were very brave and auspicious people that wanted more than religious freedom. When settlers first came to America, both New England and the Chesapeake were prosperous areas that grew to be very different, though they originated from the same place. The areas developed into places, which differed in economic, social, and religious aspects.
             In the economic aspect of the two areas, each became very successful, but each had a very different way of how they profited because of their extremely different environments. One of the first colonies, Jamestown, included settlers who looked for gold and silver to earn a profit. The idea of mining for riches that they forgot about their basic needs engulfed them, so they faced a time of starvation because they did not grow a sufficient amount of crops. After this period of starvation, agriculture speedily arose and soon became the main source of income for those that lived in the area. Some indentured servants who came over to America started tobacco farms, obviously for profit. Many other immigrants followed their example by becoming farmers and growing many different products, including tobacco, maize, and rice. Unlike the Chesapeake area, New England formed off industrious businesses rather than agriculture. There were very few plantations in New England, while they mainly focused on trades, such as fishing, lumber, shipping, and shipbuilding. Since there were no plantation colonies in this area, this led to the quick building of more large cities. .
             In the social aspect of New England and the Chesapeake, they grew to be very different. In the Chesapeake, due to the numerous plantations, slavery developed into a very common occurrence, and the people thought of slavery in a positive attitude. Unlike the Chesapeake, New England and little to no plantations, so they had smaller need for slaves, and they developed ideas towards slavery that were strongly against it.

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