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Has Technology Ruined Childhood?

            There was a time I read books, climbed trees, went fishing, played cricket, made kites and watched how awesome they were. I was a happy kid and spent my days with friends and made lifelong memories. I did not even know that there was something called internet when I was a kid and I had a great many things to do than stay in front of a machine and waste my time.
             Time has changed now and everything we see do involves technology. Almost everyone got a mobile phone, an Ipad or a computer. Technology has invaded the world and most of us can not live without it, not even for a few hours. Parents give their phones and new gadgets to kids to keep them calm and kids play games and use internet. Eventually they are getting addicted to technology.
             Young people love to use social networks and they think that they have new friends when they get a thousand names in their friend list. They just forget their real friends who are around them all the time, they just forget their parents, family and everyone else because they are too busy with this technology and sharing everything and collecting likes from those unknown friends without thinking about their privacy. Children do not talk with other class mates in their school classes and they just do not want to listen to each other. They just live in a dream world and technology has ruined their precious relationships. Kids nowadays are unhealthy. They just do not want to go out and play with their friends. Kids play their new games on game consoles and eat snacks or lay on cosy couches with their phones, ipads and watch films or check their bloggs, social media websites instead of moving themselves, doing physical games and having fun out there. May be they do not know what to do outdoor without phones and stuff because their parents never taught them what to do outdoors.
             Children are allowed to use their computers during lessons in schools to write down notes instead of write them in books.

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