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Adapting to Life in a Changing World

            Nowadays, the world around us is constantly changing. Some people find that adapting to the new setting is problematic and helpless in defending their old way of life. Nevertheless, the optimistic trait of some people unintentionally helps them conquer their own fear and challenges that the new change might bring. In the short story Christopher the Fisherman by Hermann Schubnell and the movie Forrest Gump directed by Robert Zemeckis, two main characters from both stories face changes and challenges in lives that each approaches to the changes differently in which illustrate the dissimilarity in characters' traits. The story "Christopher, the Fisherman " tells us about the man who became the best fisherman and wanted to pass on his career to his son. However his life started to change quickly when the authorities decided to build the factory and the power station on the river. On the other hand, the movie Forrest Gump focuses on a man with an intellectual disability going through surprising life adventure which reveals the characters' traits and valuable life lessons through the way the characters dealing with the changes. The different ways of approaching the changes of the characters in both stories reveals the importance of adaptation in the fast changing world which is essential to be better suited in the environment and important for survival.
             Christopher the Fisherman is a good illustration of how a person could not be able to face the reality and adjust to the new changes. Considering the case of Christopher, it is difficult for him to adapt to the change. "Christopher, the fisherman, however, did not want a power station on his river He only wanted to give his son what he had received from his father, the unbound, free river. The fisherman was alone among those who lived along the river in opposing the construction and refused to sign the contract " (Schubnell 645). Nothing could make the fisherman to change his attitude, neither money nor public opinion.

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