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How to Take Care of Aquarium Fish

             There's always that one thing you knew you had to have whether it was a toy or a pet. I found that special thing when walking through Wal Mart with my mom one day; some small, colorful, moving thing caught my eye. I turned my head, and to my surprise there were two shelves lined with male Beta fish. Right then I knew I had to have one. I caught up with my mom and told her I planned on buying one of them. Within the next few days I returned to Wal Mart, money in hand, with Victoria. We looked at different colors of fish and finally picked one out. We then picked out a small tank, some black pebbles, and some fish food. When setting up the fish tank, it finally dawned on me that I didn't know anything about fish; let alone how to take care of one. There are many things that are included in taking care of an aquarium fish, but I believe there are only three major things required to keep one happy and healthy. One day you might want to buy your very own fish and not know how to properly take care of it. I have personal experience of taking care of one, because I own a male Crown Tail Beta named Chester Frank Paul. I have also visited multiple websites about fish caretaking, such as how to feed them, how often and how to change their water, and how to clean their tank. The first rule out of three is how much to feed your fish. .
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             Do not over-feed your fish because doing so can kill it. According to How Stuff Works, probably more fish are killed by over-feeding than by not feeding them. Fish that live in the wild rarely eat all day, every day. They have evolved to eat when they can. They can go a day or more without any food at all. According to Pets Keepers Guide, you should only feed your fish enough for it to finish its portion within a one minute period. (Personal experience) Because fish have evolved to eat when they can, and often go multiple days without food, it's important you do not over-feed your fish.

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