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A Study on International Security

             The international security has been shifted by the tectonic geopolitical role of cold war. The traditional definition is no longer sufficient to satisfy what constitute international security in the modern world full of security challenges and threat. However, some critics have argued that the traditional definition of international need to be redefined but must retain important aspect of human agency. They are great challenges facing global peace and security. For instance the rise of Islamic state in Syria and Iraq and nuclear weapon arm race between the West and Russia. The global security need to be redefined especially by key players who threaten international peace and security. Some world power are flexing their muscle by threaten sovereign state. The annexation of Crimea by Russia threatens global peace and security. Vladimir Putin had even considered using nuclear weapon to protect the annexation of Crimea which poses a challenge to global peace and security. The current situation between NATO and Russia must be solving to ensure this world is a better place to live. For two years now the Islamic state has been on the headline as they try to take control in Syria. World power must join together to fight terrorism.
             2.0 Russian annexation of Crimea.
             The Russian annexation of Crimea can be argued from a constructivism perspective. Although some critics have alluded it is in consistency with realism model, the cost to Russia is more than the benefit. According to John Mearsheimer, great powers seek to expand their economic and military power when the benefit outweighs the cost. This is the fundamental centrism that forms the traditional realism model of international relation. However, it might appear to be the most appealing and intuitive narrative based on realism ideology. The current insecurity in southern Ukraine is squared based on simplistic and in material terms. However, Motyl (2015) argues that the invasion of 'Russian little green men' suggest Crimea is not a realism narrative.

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