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Shutter Island - Psychological Analysis

            Shutter Island, a thriller/mystery, is a movie that takes place in the 1950s that was taken from Dennis Lehane's novel published in 2003. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo as two U.S Marshals, Teddy and Chuck, that arrive to Shutter Island to search for a women who disappeared from the asylum. However, during the search, many other aspects are revealed about Teddy. .
             The Game.
             This whole movie was nothing but a game played on Teddy (Andrew) to make him realize who he actually is. He thinks that he is coming to Shutter Island to investigate a missing women from the asylum. Her name is Rachel Solando. When he gets the island, he meets Dr. Crawley who made up Rachel for him to hunt down. Before coming to Sutter Island, he actually was a U.S Marshal and a WW1 veteran. Towards the end of the film, Dr. Crawley opens up to Andrew about the whole game and what his plan was. He also says that if he didn't get to his senses, he would have to take extreme measures to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone again. .
             While at Shutter Island, Teddy experiences many flashbacks and visions. Whenever Teddy is around fire, he has flashbacks of his wife, Dolores. Dolores dies in a fire at their apartment along with 3 other people. Teddy made it clear to his partner Chuck that she dies because of the smoke, not being burned to death. However, whenever he is around water, he gets flashbacks of Dolores drowning his three children. As the movie goes on, he gets hallucinations of his daughter asking him why he didn't try to save them. At the end of the movie he gets a flashback where he is in his cabin and his wife Dolores is outside on the swing and is all wet. He asks where the children are and he sees them in the lake. He tries to save them but it's no use. His wife then asks Andrew to kill her and he does with a gun.
             This whole movie was a role-playing game by the mental institution and the people on the island.

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