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The On-Going Abortion Debate

            The on-going debate of abortion has been an issue since the 1960's, which intertwined with the women's right movement. It's a continuous struggle regarding the morals, beliefs, and opinions of both men and women. The controversy has divided people into two categories: pro-life, and pro-choice. The pro-life argument opposes abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and embryo destructive research. They believe that one shouldn't take the life of another human being before it is born no matter the circumstance. However, in contrast the pro-choice argument explains that they are not pro-abortion and taking the life of other, but rather support the decision of the mother. They defend that women should have the right to decide for themselves. The debate is a combination regarding nature and preborn, women's rights, government involvement, and quality of life. .
             Each side of the argument has credible and realistic evidence in order to support their position. For those who are pro-choice ultimately agree that caring for a child is a huge responsibility that requires time, attention, and money. By taking means of abortion is taking responsibility. Bringing an unwanted child or a child that is unable to be cared for in this world is irresponsible and could be harmful to both mother and child. Childbirth and child bearing, rather then a privilege and gift, becomes an unbearable burden. In addition, its believed that by producing unwanted children it plays into the role of a stereotyped mother, which women have been fighting since the 60's. The only suitable job women had is to take care of the home and family. One of the most controversial examples regarding abortion is whether a woman should keep the child if she was forcefully abused and raped. They believe that compassion demands that she be allowed to abort since she was involuntarily impregnated. Furthermore, they feel that having control of their life and choices, as an individual is overall better for a woman and a child.

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