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Abortion: The Debate of Life or Death

            The topic of abortion is one of the few issues in today's society that is still considered controversial, because the participants in this debate each have firmly-fixed views that reflects their opinion in this matter. Abortion is defined as termination of pregnancy by either removing a fetus or embryo before it is capable of surviving by its own. The first type of abortion is called 'Miscarriage' which takes place spontaneously. The second type of abortion is called 'Induced Abortion' which is intentional (Finer, et al. 2005).
             The debate regarding the morality and lawfulness of induced abortion is an ongoing controversy. In most cases there are two sides in this debate, one known as 'pro-choice' which defends the rights of women to choose the termination of her pregnancy, and the second is known as 'pro-life' which defends the rights of the unborn fetus. I believe abortion should be more regulated but not illegal. The fetus is human from the moment of conception and abortion is only accepted under limited circumstances where the mother's life is in danger. There is a famous saying 'It's a waste of time to preach to the converted', however I also believe it's a waste of time to preach to the unconvertible. The abortion debate is affected by religious beliefs, while our society is based on democracy and should not be based on a matter of religious belief; the principle of our society should be based on individual's freedom of choice. We live in a pluralistic society which is made up of individuals with many different morals and religious views, thus our judicial decisions shouldn't be affected by our morality and no one should force his or her moral views on others.
             The difference between the two sides of this issue is not as great as most people expect. The political and media discussions on this matter tend to be extreme and polarized in most cases; but in fact there is a narrow difference between the pro-choice and pro-life advocates.

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