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Communism: A Failed Plan

            Have you noticed that communism, a political system created in the 1840's by Karl Marx, has started to die down? It used to be a global political system, but now it remains in evident in only 5 countries. Or does it? Some of these 5 countries are in terrible economic states. Poverty is through the roof, and some of them are among the poorest countries in the world. However, all of these countries share something in common. On the outside, they all say they are communist, and fight for equality, but at the roots of it all, they are all capitalist. They have capitalistic values embedded in their government and economies, making them capitalist, like the rest of the world. These 5 countries are China, North Korea, Laos, Vietnam and Cuba. In this essay, you will come to agree that these five countries are all capitalist at heart, and that they should change their government over to non-communist governments, as communism clearly isn't working, and non-communist governments could greatly increase a country's economy and wealth.
             The first country is China. China has proven again and again that it is not really communist. The Chinese enjoy stating that they hold up to communist values, but in truth, they don't. China has a capitalistic economy and the only part of the country that remains communist is the government. The Chinese people have different wages, and no one obtains similar things in China. They are as unequal as people were in the 1700's. Businesses are not owned by the country, and there is definitely different classes of people, as some people are extraordinarily wealthy, and some are as poor as the dirt beneath their feet. The ideas of Karl Marx have not been followed in China. The economy is so profoundly great, as it is capitalistic, which gives them enough profit to fund their country. The reason China should switch over to Capitalism is because the Chinese people would prefer capitalism.

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