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Containmaent of communism

            Containment of communism has been the dominant framework for U.
             Presidents came and went, but containment endured. Write an essay in which you describe the origins of containment and the various .
             strategies for it's implementation practiced by the United States after World War II. .
             Was it "remarkably consistent?" Did it produce a stable and orderly world? .
             Did it work?.
             After World War II, the U.S. Soviet alliance was no longer necessary and the U.S. therefor cast it aside and went back to giving communism the cold shoulder. The U.S. never really agreed with the Soviets on anything except that they must stop fascism, so of course once fascism was stopped and all common ground was lost, the two long term foes went back to their showdown. With facist Germany out of the way, the Soviets turned back to their quest for land expansion which pushes the U.S. into the corner that they needed to have a reason to act. This action took many forms ranging from Social Policy to full combat in war.
             The first sign we see of conflict and tension arising after WWII is an issue involving the atomic bomb. The U.S. flaunted this technology to Stalin during the war and Stalin of course, passed it off coolly saying "good for you, use it against japan," but anyone can speculate what Stalin had to have thought in his mind. If the U.S. had a weapon of such incredible destruction, then Russia would lose it's foothold as the worlds "other" super-power. So of course Stalin puts his foot down on development of his own Atomic bomb. The U.S. knows this and sees the opportunity to come out on top in the world. We propose the Baruch Plan, which in a paraphrase states that:.
             All United Nations member nations would disclose all of their nuclear materials.
             All United Nations member nations would disclose all of their nuclear research.
             After these first two steps were complete, the U.S would destroy all of their Atomic bombs.
             This plan sounded, good because it suggested that we give nuclear authority to the UN and it works out well for the U.

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