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Youth, Drugs and Careless Parents

            Throughout last centuries, people of all ages have been tempted to drugs consumption, and even to drugs trade; in order to earn money easier and to generate self-pleasure using these substances in their bodies. Indeed, the drugs consumption has been a problem that comes from the past and, nowadays, continues damaging the economy of the nation, the progress of the society and even the family environment. Thus, regarding that the family is the unit in which children grew and learn everything; parents are the principal responsible or guilty if a young person is addicted to drugs, even if they are older than 18 years old. .
             Parents are the unique close relatives that are in charge of influencing sons' behaviors. They are the proper characters to teach what is right or what is wrong since they are just children, in this way, to impose the rules and to teach them to have the determination to act as they have to do it and to say "no" to drugs when they have to do it. Besides, parents have to know where they are, what they are doing and what their friends are. As it is claimed by Ann Elaine Strode and Catherine May Slack (2011), who mention the parental responsibility in four main aspects "Firstly, a duty to care for the child; secondly, an obligation to maintain contact with the child; thirdly, a duty to act as guardian of the child; and fourthly, a duty to contribute to the maintenance of the child". Definitely, if there is a contact with drugs by teenagers, it is the result of a careless moment of a parent.
             Parental responsibility lies, also, in protecting children of most of harmful things in the world, in this case, shielding them of drugs consumption; and obviously of business related with it. Essentially, mother and father are the ones who should avoid that teenagers manipulate or have contact with something that hurts them. When they are not aware that any small contact with drugs destroy the lives of their children, adolescents start to lose their path; introducing themselves into a horrible world and becoming their young lives in nightmares of the real life.

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