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Social Psychology - Violating Norms

             Social norms regulate people's behavior and make you act the way a "normal" person would. They are learned socially and prescribe how people should act, think and feel. In our experiment, we violated the explicit norm which was talking loudly inside of a library. Method that we used was observational method. We want to know what will happen if our groups member breaking the norm in a library. Library is a place where most people will sit down and start doing their own business in a quite situation. If societies are bound with the norms, other people that violate the norm will get the attention from others. So, the purpose of this experiment is to know what societies think about the person who violate the norms in the library.
             According to Sherif (1936), norms can be define as prescriptions of behaviors and attitudes that are considered acceptable or desirable in a given social unit. Meanwhile, Gibbs (1981) stated that social control is considered to someone who holds a counter normative attitude or who engages in a counter normative behavior. Thus, social norms can be derived as a social behaviour that share the same meaning by a group. Blake & Davis (1964) and Janowitz (1975) stated that a person who violated a norms would likely to face a risk of being a target of negative reactions by their social environment. Which is what our groups would likely gain during our time doing the experiments. Just like what Checkroun&Brauer; (2004) argue that person who violated a norm may receive an angry look or a negative comment. This is because the attitude shown by that particular individual is unacceptable by the people around, as he/she doing something that obviously against the norms.
             Social norms are used to guide or control a certain group's behaviour. Some people follow the rules and some are not. As for people who violated the norms selected it can make others to feel irritated or feel very uncomfortable, just like what we do in this experiment.

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