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Maturity is Not a Number

            Every child wonders when they can finally venture out onto their own, and take responsibility for themselves. In several states, the legal adult age is eighteen, whereas in other states, it was raised to be twenty one. These laws however, are meant for buying more corrupted products and being able to drive; a number, after all, is not the correct way to determine your actions in society. Maturity and responsibility go hand in hand, which is why the age of responsibility is reached when a person recognizes what is acceptable in society, and they act accordingly. Actions such as drinking, driving, or making decisions in college must be done in a mature manner.
             When a teenager graduates from high school, they either already have plans for their next step in life, or have nothing figured out at all. Either way, they are usually thrown into an entirely new environment, which, for many, is college. Their success at settling into college all depends on their preparation for it; for example, if someone brings along objects that remind them of home, or already know their class schedule and have the supplies for it, their transition into a new curriculum will be smooth. Students go through high school following the same routine and are always expected to do things, which is why the new environment in college is so different; they have to figure out what to do on their own, because they, for the most part, make their own routine. .
             Many teenagers want to drive, because it gives them the freedom to transport themselves without depending on others, like their parents. What some of these teenagers do not realize is that there is a sense of pressure that comes with learning how to drive responsibly. The road can be a rather dangerous place, and they must be cautious of their surroundings. According to Alan Greenblatt, when teenagers start to drive under the influence of peer pressure, this leads to a higher percent of automobile crashes.

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