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Marriage Gone Bad

             Recently divorce has become a recurring trend throughout America. In my parents" marriage there were a number of causes that lead up to their divorce. Early marriage, contrasting maturity levels, differing parenting styles, and communication problems all played a part in my parents" divorce. .
             Early marriage was definetly the initial cause of my parents" divorce. My parents got married at ages seventeen and eighteen for two reasons. First, when my mother was just seventeen years old she became pregnant with me. My father and mother decided that at that time in their lives marriage was the answer to the unplanned pregnancy. They both felt that getting married was the right action to take, as it proved they were being responsible for their actions. Second, my mother and father also needed eachother at that time. Both of my parents grew up in families with overbearing guardians. My father's parents controlled every aspect of his life including his friends and leisure time. Likewise, my mother's parents never let her leave the house to go out with her friends. Therefore, each of my parents had an overwhelming feeling to escape from their home life. However, as time passed, their reasons for getting married started to fade away, which consequently put a strain on their relationship.
             Throughout the beginning of their marriage, both of my parents developed contrasting maturity levels. Soon after my parents" wedding, my mother took on all of the responsibilities of the household. My father never had to plan or make a decision for our family. Over the years my mother made every purchase, handled every aspect of the budget, and planned for the future of our family. In fact, my father never took any of his three children to the doctor, or even had to make a decision concerning school throughtout their marriage. I can recall numerous times that my mother would place the simple responsibility of taking us to school in the morning.

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