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Life Without Parole and the Death Penalty

            A man quietly stands in front of a judge while an audience of millions of people throughout the country watches and waits to see what his future will look like. "I didn't do it" is a phrase more frequently used that less people believe. Anything he says does not matter at this point because a decision has been made. The inevitable has come upon him and says his life is over. A few years come and go and evidence ultimately point out he truly did not do it. This scenario is one the United States has faced to give a legitimate reason to abolish capital punishment. Over the years the United States' judicial system has been challenged to instate whether the death penalty should be an enforced punishment or not. Until this day 32 states have opt to enforce the capital punishment as for 18 have worked their judicial systems efficiently without it. By reforming the judicial system's consensus to abolish the death penalty nationwide, the United States will be able to promote a more fair and efficient judicial system to put the right people behind bars with reasonable decisions.
             To begin with, some may argue the death penalty is a punishment created during barbaric times, but reasons to keep the death penalty alive in our system are somewhat rational. Pro capital punishment advocates emphasize its importance as a means to bring a justified punishment to those wrongdoers and demonstrate our country's intolerance towards murders. They believe the elimination of murderers in our society will bring justice to our society. Retribution however, should not be implied in these cases. Ultimately it is only a way of getting revenge and makes the punishment a double standard by killing a killer. A recent infamous case involves mass murderer James Holmes who went on a rampage in a Colorado movie theatre during the Dark Knight Premier. Holmes ended up taking 12 innocent lives, injuring 70 others, and emotionally stirring millions.

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