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Judaism in Israel - Impact and Effects

            There are about 13-14 million Jews in the world, and about 5-6 million Jews are from Israel. Since Israel is the country with the most Jews in Asia, and one of the most impacted country by Judaism, Israel became the central of the religion. Israel is a country that has lots of connections to Judaism that includes the people's dietary habits, special holidays, and reasons for Jewish businessmen success.
             The Jews' way of living contain a lot of rules they need to follow from the Torah, include what they are allowed to eat. For the Jews, there's a set of laws called the Kosher, telling the Jews about foods that are fine to eat, so if an animal is not Kosher, then a Jew shouldn't eat it. Certain foods may not be eaten at all. Restriction includes the flesh, organs, eggs, and milk of the forbidden animals. Some restricted animals include snails, weasels, raven, and the most important one of all - pork. Jews only eat meat that has been killed and prepared in accordance with the Kosher rules. According to the Rabbis which are teachers of Torah, pork is the worst thing to eat out of all non-kosher foods. And since there are so many Jews in Israel, Israel passed a law giving town and city governments the power to forbid or restrict the raising of pigs and marketing of pork products in 1956. And in 1962, Israel passed another law banning pigs from being raised or kept in Jewish communities for the purpose of food. Since then, several Israeli towns and cities have passed laws forbidding or restricting the sale of pork. This law works until 2004, butchers in Beit Shemesh, Karmiel and Tiberias became free from selling pork even though eating it is forbidden under Jewish dietary law. The legal battle against the ban raged for five years, pitting secular-minded Israelis against ultra-Orthodox Jews. Despite religious restrictions, pork can be bought in other parts of Israel, where it is known as "white steak".

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