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The Life of a Boutique Owner

            An entrepreneur is one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise, and must be ready with skills and knowledge to approach difficulties of the business. A boutique is a retail store that is small and sells a wide range of items like clothes, shoes, and jewelry. In researching various careers, students may have grown to appreciate the aspects of a boutique owner, including but not limited to their education, responsibilities, benefits and income, as well as future outlook. .
             Being a business owner requires no type of college degree at all, but, to help make the business more successful, the owner can take classes and earn a degree. Many different degrees would be beneficial to help make the business successful like business management, marketing, and accounting ("Business"). With owning a boutique, taking these classes or others like Fashion will help make the business more successful ("Apparel"). Business management studies provide owners with an excellent foundation for opening a business and making the workplace workable. By taking accounting, the owner will gain an understanding of the achievements of the business and realize what needs to be worked on. Marketing gives the owner different ideas on how to advertise; furthermore, taking fashion helps the owner identify what is trendy and what to put on the mannequins that will appeal to consumers.
             Owning a business can be easy or difficult, but either way, it comes with responsibilities. Making decisions that affect the company is one of the responsibilities of a business owner. The decisions can be a 50/50 shot, but in the end, making responsible, educating decisions will be beneficial to the business. Some of the other responsibilities are hiring employees, setting goals, and implementing policies. Before the business can open and sell retail products, there are many requirements that must be completed and/or passed.

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