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Tenure - Another Education Argument

            New concepts and old teachers do not mix, or do they? This has been one of the main arguments in the discussion of tenure. Tenure is the guarantee of a position in an institution given to educator that meets certain requirements depending on the institute. Education will always be a problem; there are so many arguments within the category. People have focused on the administrators, the supplies being giving, and even the lessons being taught. So many different topics but it has always been around improving education for students. All in a much bigger question that has been going on for several years, should tenure be abolished? .
             Well what does the abolishment of tenure mean? It could mean academic freedom could be taken away. Academic Freedom is the ability to enlighten pupils on ideas, theories, or facts even if they are not popular. Without tenure institutes could again penalize educators for teaching against common opinion. "Without the assurance of academic freedom, many faculty members might be chilled from taking novel or unpopular positions. Potentially important ideas might not be advanced and intellectual debate and advancement would suffer," (Chemerinsky, 1998 p.638). Though the world has opened its mind accepting certain concepts, the abolishment of tenure still runs the risk of someone not agreeing with certain concepts, therefore leaving teachers without jobs. This fear could halt faculty members from actually pursuing these concepts possibly stopping the advancement of research. As Chief Justice Earl Warren said, "No field of education is so thoroughly comprehended by man that new discoveries cannot yet be made" (Chemerinsky 1998 p.638). Research still needs to be done and there are administrators that believe otherwise if academic freedom is take away the whole education system could shy away from making new discoveries and offering pupils a new way of thinking.

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