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Social Constructions of Gender

            Since the moment one is born into a society, one is labeled female or male. This becomes more than just a biological fact, society creates gender roles. Society then socially constructs gender where it gives meaning, ideas and adds characteristics. In contrast to the biological fact, gender construction is the process of creating distinctions between both genders and defining what is masculine and feminine in a society. However, the meaning of each gender changes between different cultures based on the expectations. Each culture then shapes how people treat, communicate, and act towards who they consider to be female and male. .
             In the Yemen culture men are superior to women. Women become subordinate to the authority of men, which can include her father, husband, brother, or even her own son. For Example, in I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced, Nujood Ali a 10 year old Yemen girl that is forced by her father to marry a man, who is three times her age. At first Nujood does not question her father's authority, she explains that in her village women are not taught to make choices. Nujood did not have a clear understand of marriage due to her young age. Nujood explains "To me, it was a big celebration most of all, with lots of presents, and chocolate, and jewelry". This highlights the innocence and her unwariness of the situation forced upon her. The gender role of women in the Yemen culture is construed to be weak and therefore not to question the authority of men. This reinforces the construction of gender making a clear distinction between both genders and the characteristics each should uphold. Therefore, the construction of gender works against Nujood because she belong to the weak gender in her culture. .
             In the Yemen society males are the leaders and the authority. This creates a constant desire for men to remain and showcase authority and power against women. For example, Nujood explains how her father decided to enlarge the family and choose a second wife.

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