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The Flaws of Julius Caesar

            In the play, Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare, major characters, exhibit major character flaws. Brutus is what we may describe as a tragic hero since his flaws lead to his own defeat. Brutus's flaws are his gullibility and honor. Cassius' flaws are his jealousy, narcissism, and his manipulative ways. He is also a good judge of character. Caesar is very self-centered and dismissive. These flaws all lead to the defeat of these main characters. This story serves as an example that pride comes before fall and that humbleness is the key to success.
             One of Brutus' flaws is his gullibility. This leads him to believe everything he is told. His gullibility makes him believe Antony and Cassius. He accepts their claim that Caesar's death is for the "betterment of Rome." Brutus is an honest man and has no hidden motives so he can't see through the lies of others. Cassius is very aware of his gullibility. He says "Three parts of him Is ours already, and the main entire Upon the next encounter yields him ours." He then says "Let us go, For it is after midnight, and ere day We will awake him and be sure of him." Also, his extreme passion for Rome is a flaw also because it leads him to kill a man. This defect in character plus gullibility is a very bad combination because causes him to do things that are immoral. It also gives him a false fulfillment when his actions are actually destructive. Even though he has these flaws, none of his intents are malicious and he is the most respectable character in this story.
             Cassius' flaws are more manipulative and envious. He is a very shrewd person and his faults and imperfections are not that of Brutus', but are selfish and self-serving. He is cunning and as we can see, uses Brutus' naivety as a stepping stone to get to his plans of becoming king. He sees that Brutus has a great love for Rome and used it for his advantage. As I stated before, he says "Three parts of him Is ours already, and the main entire Upon the next encounter yields him ours.

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