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The High Expense of American Healthcare

            For many years, politicians and insurance companies claimed that the Health Care System of the USA is the best in the world, however, many Americans find it harder to accept this statement because of the raising prices and other factors that make Health Care System more expensive for Americans. This essay will explore these issues. We will begin in the first section by discussing the special qualities of health care, why this is so expensive. .
             The Healthcare sector is one of the most complex economic sectors in the United States. Even though in the United States the market plays a much bigger role in the delivery of healthcare than in any other economically developed country, it would be a mistake to think of the American healthcare system as a free market system. The main organizational forms in the United States include private doctor's offices organized as individual or group practices; nonprofit clinics and hospitals; for-profit hospitals run by capitalist corporations; Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), which include both primary care physicians and hospitals; and government-run clinics and hospitals, organized by cities, counties, states and the federal government. According to World Health Organization reports from 2010-2013, the USA is the country with highest total spending per person per year on health. Here are the changes in 4 years:.
             2010- $ 8299.
             2011- $ 8553.
             2012- $ 8845.
             2013- $ 9146.
             Higher health care prices in the U.S. A. are partly the result of the greater use of medical technology. Another reason is the fragmented insurance system, which does not have a centralized price setting mechanism (Thomas C. Frohlich, Alexander Kent and Ashley C. Allen "Countries Spending the Most on Health Care" - 24/7 Wall St.). Besides, higher health care costs mean higher health insurance premiums for everyone. Insurance is about pooling risk. That's a good thing because it protects you against unexpected costs-but companies have to collect enough in premiums to pay for members' health expenses (Why is health care so expensive? Why it's so high, how it affects your wallet and yes, what you can do about it).

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