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A Way to Replace Standardized Testing

            Standardized tests are very common throughout the United States. They are used to measure students' academic performances in school. These tests vary from state to state in all grade levels. According to the article "What Schools Could Use Instead Of Standardized Tests" by Anya Kamenetz/NPR said that the Republican Senate are drafting a bill to eliminate the standardized test based on the requirements what they had before. However, the law was overdue and was postponed to the beginning of the year. The argument comes when the concern of the number of tests that student's take and the time they spend on taking it. Two of the most important places the Council of Chief State and Democratic groups have spoken in favor of reducing the number of standardized test. Overall, there are four possible ways that the nation would do to monitor learning if states didn't have to test every child every year.
             First of all, in the "sampling" (NPR 6) Keep standardized tests, but just reduce the number of them. Which would not be for every student every year. ┬áThere have been studies done that shows how students perform contributes to a number of factors. The "National Assessment of Educational Progress" is one of the largest and trusted test which is giving to different sample of student's every year according to the NPR.
             Secondly, the "stealth assessment" which refers to use software provided by major textbook publishers in order to invisibly monitor and assess children's learning. Companies developed software for students to practice English and math were the programs save every answer that a student gives. However, the same companies that develop this software argue that the software presents opportunities to eliminate the time which a professor from the University of Florida called "stealth assessment" to describe it. Stealth assessment show how quickly students learn, not just the skills that a student has mastered at a given moment.

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