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Theories: Divine Command and Natural Law

            In my essay I will critically examine the two theories' that examine the relationship between morality and religion. The two theories are The Divine Command Theory and The Natural Law Theory. I will explain each theory and how each one examines the relationship between morality and religion and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of both. Morality and religion is the association between religiosity and moral codes. Many religions have important structures determining between rights and wrongs and how things ought to be done and what god demanded man to do. .
             The Divine Command Theory is a meta-ethical theory which suggests that an actions rank as morally good is equal to weather it's instructed by God. The simple idea of this philosophy is that God chooses what is acceptable and immoral. In this theory an action God commands is morally acceptable and actions God forbids are ethically unacceptable. It also argues why people should worry about morality. It also elaborates why molarity is a concern for us and the consequences you shall face should immorality is practiced. .
             Some advantages of this theory are that it makes available an objective philosophical foundation for morality. For people that believe in the presence of objective moral facts, such facts are suitable in with the theistic structure. The theory requires for people to believe in God. The belief in God gives people hope to live moral lives and people believe that God will satisfy their actions by obeying his commands and living a moral life. God commands do not depend on what people think is right and wrong. His commands are completely objective. Most religions are very old and have recorded many of Gods commands. Religious books allow us to understand God, and make it easier for us to live morally. .
             There are many disadvantages/criticisms of The Divine Command Theory. There are many religions and teaching and all religions have different understanding of God and his word, how will a theorist that focuses on this theory know which one is right and which one to follow.

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