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The Paradox of Progress

            It seems as though we are becoming a self-absorbed, careless and self-destructive society as a whole. It is as if we will do almost anything for temporary comfort and for temporary progress. In the end, all our attempts at 'progress' may in fact be what contribute remarkably to our inexorable demise as a planet. We are all striving for limitlessness in a very limited world. Though our current surroundings are not even being fully utilized or appreciated, we are all in the inescapable mental mind-frame of always wanting more; the next bigger, better and newer mechanism. Despite the fact that more is being offered as time goes on, we are evolving into a society that does not take the time to explore and enjoy it. We are so caught up in our individual lives and entranced by such material things that we do not see all of the beauty that life has to offer anymore. These are the reasons why temporary progress is eternal decline-as contradictory as it may seem. .
             As much as we think we are progressing, we may actually be moving backwards in more than a few ways. We are destroying our planet by literally burning the world out if its resources, and justifying it by saying it is 'beneficial' and for the 'greater good'. The peace and stillness of the natural world might indeed be more advanced in many ways than all of the unnecessary 'noise' from the 'civilized' world. There is much complexity within simplicity, as true simplicity is a state that is difficult to achieve. The images from the film 'Baraka' of simplistic, natural and unindustrialized living juxtaposed with busy New York streets may be indicating that simplicity might be more beneficial to us than complexity can ever be, however very few people are willing to believe this, much less give this notion a chance. We have generated this colossal innovation known as technology, however we as humans have actually created tools which we act as slaves to, allowing ourselves to be controlled and consumed by something that was originally intended to make our lives better and easier The enhancement of technology is the degradation of perception, as our perception of the world has become distorted.

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