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Infants and the First Twelve Months of Life

            A baby boy was born in one winter afternoon. The mother was so happy as soon as she saw her child was born and was put into her arms. Tears streamed down from the mother's eyes as she cried for joy. She thanked God for giving her a beautiful son, the father was also happy to see his son was born into this world so he named his son, Enoch. .
             During the first development stage, a lot of things will happen in a baby's first 12 months of life. Little tiny and "helpless" new-born Enoch will be a person in his own right, able to move around and communicate. According to the textbook (Santrock, 2013), this section gives a detailed description of the baby's growth and physical development in his first year. Enoch's body and brains were learning to live outside the world. As a baby, Enoch was a very curiosity child. This was his first time to see the world and what is surrounding him. He was lying on his soft bed, looking up the ceiling and turned his head side by side to see everything which is surrounding him. As time passed, baby Enoch was curioused and he started to track objects with his eyes. He opens and shut his hands and bring hands to his mouth. He griped objects in his hands and he also took swipe at or reach for dangling objects, though he usually would not be able to get them. During his second and half of the year, after little Enoch learning that he can get somewhere by rolling over. He started to crawl as soon as he learned to rolling over. According to Santrock (2013), has mentioned that babies generally develop from the top down. The first thing to develop is head control and strengthening of the neck muscles. Later, hand coordinate develops, which allows a baby to pull himself forward before learning how to crawl. Once, a baby has better control of his lower body, he can use his hands and knees to crawl. All of this happens in preparation for learning to walk.
             It is easy to measure changes in a new-born's weight and size but it is not easy to see what is happening inside his brain.

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