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The Tragedy of Suicide

            Each of us has a story that we want to share with the world; the story that we held back to ourselves. This story influenced us in a way that we can't go back to our old selves. Our perspectives, attitude, opinions and thoughts have changed. We can never go back. Sometimes, we live in the world and don't know how happy we are and complain on our problems in life while others are really suffering from serious struggles in their life. Every life experience has an impact on us or somebody else that we know and this is what makes life interesting is that we learn from each other. .
             Suicide is a tragic thing that someone can experience in their lives and, I think, the reason is that the person may feel alone, depressed, confused in their life, don't have a purpose to live for. Some people think about suicide but they don't understand how wrong it is. They don't realize that there are people that love and care for them. There are various reasons that can lead to suicide such as withdrawal of a loved one, break-ups. I personally don't know the guy but I know his friend's father. His friend's father is the teacher at high school that I went to all four years. My senior year, I finally got a class with him and he told us about his son's friend story. His name is Luke. He had a hard life growing up without dad and a mother who abused alcohol but he still grew up smart and athletic guy. They were best friends with this teacher's son. They went to the gym to be in shape, tried their best in school but Nick, this teacher's son had no idea what his friend is going through. Once, Luke met a girl and fell in love. They were dating for about a year. He was serious about her but, I guess, that wasn't the way she felt about him. When she broke up with him, he completely gave up on his hard work to be a good man. He got drunk, went to the field and put a shot gun in his mouth, and killed himself. As Mr. Hibbard, my health teacher, said: "He made a permanent decision for a temporary problem.

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