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The Changing Global Economy

            Globalization is the topic of 21st century that we cannot forget to mention in political science. Our society has become interdependent with each other in many ways through things like trade, technology, culture, and immigration. In a personal level, globalization has led people to be connected throughout the world regardless of their proximity using the most recent technologies, which resulted in making our world a smaller place. For example, one can easily communicate with others face to face, using their computers, tablet PCs, and mobile phones. In a more global level, globalization connected most of the nations together in a way that one country's action will have an effect on other countries, however big or small the effect may be. This phenomenon is called interdependency; and an example of interdependency would be when East Asian countries faced the Asian Financial Crisis altogether beginning in 1997, making the situations even worse because all the neighboring countries were economically suffering. The affected countries were Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea and Philippines and they were all somehow tied together economically, making the economic downfall a more serious one. Interdependency between nations can put everyone at risk, but there are definite positive outcomes, sharing of wealth most of the times, that are much beneficial for them that they are willing to risk their economic stability. .
             The question of whether globalization should be continued or stopped has been an interest to many political scientists for generations. In my paper, I argue that globalization should continue because it furthers the interdependency of cultures and society with each other along with new ideas moving between them. Not only does globalization spread wealth around the world, but it also furthers human, societal, scientific, and technological progress while mitigating the possibility of armed conflict between nations that have no vested interests between each other.

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