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Economics and Global Capitalism

            Globalization is defined with the focus of economics to mean the integration of the state economies through corporations' investment, trade and capital flow into the international economy. There are critics of globalization argue that economic globalization is the leading cause of the social problem in the world such as poverty and the depreciation of the environment globally. The unfair trade in the international trade in the name of free trade to maintain self-protection and an example is the mechanical protection in developing countries. The trading system is particularly unfair, and the leadership of the developing countries has not come into agreement with the facts about the international trade community. The general idea is that the economic anti-globalization sentiments are that economic globalization lacks a face. They have also exaggerated the adverse effects of globalization. .
             Several dimensions of economic globalization embrace the aspects of multinational companies investing in their long-term policies in the world market. The anti-globalization critics argue that financial cash flows caused the economic recession and therefore the profitable trade according to them is illogical. Financial capitalism is because of releasing the money flows freely without providing any firm regulations on the reforms in the bank and massive outflows in capital funds. Free investment for free trade is a widely miss-conceptualized aspect of free world trade systems. .
             The anti-globalization critics use a fallacy to debate an ironical assertion that the north and the southern countries are divided. The anti-globalization economic opinions are more prevalent in the developed countries than developing nations. The technical development in communication and transportation has lead to the integration of global economy and liberalization of trade. The transport railways and technological revolutions in the movement of goods and services have accelerated the spread of knowledge in the free trade economic globalization.

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