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Perceptions of Politics on Organizational Development

             The impact of the politicalproposition plays a dynamic role in the development and construction of the individual's career in the organization. The word, "organization justice," is normally used to reduce and overcome the intra group conflict between employees associated with organization commitment and job satisfaction. The attitude and behavior of the employees are classified into three main kinds of organization justice. They are distributive, interactional and procedural justices. Organizational justice and proposition of politics is an important technique which rides to the victory and success of the organizations. The role of the proposition of the politics to some extent reduced the conflicts between the employees which are working in the same organization. The type of research study is correlated to check the proposition of politics of peopleon the organization justice. This research study also examined the relationship between the organization politics and perceived the performance of the employees in the organization.
             Literature Review.
             The role of Organization justice is dynamic in training, coaching and career development of employee's attitude, creative ideas, specialty, informative information policy and procedure according to the nature of task to achieve the main purpose of the organization. The organization justice in an organization serves the employees to work for them longtime, give creative ideas and use the knowledge for the betterment of the organization; in return organization promotes their employees and creates strongand long-term relationship with the organization. Productive employees work hard in the organization to achieve the organization's goals and objectives, [CITATION Car05 l 1033]. .
             Preposition 1: "POP has positively associated with the politics impact on the justice of organization.".
             Preposition 2: "POP has positively associated with the politics impact on the justice of interaction of organization.

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